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"Leela and omicronians" new finished animated scene

2017-04-16 08:43:26 by nikisupostat

Shirt ripping scene


You can see animation on my PATREON

New animation for PAREONS

2017-03-30 17:58:00 by nikisupostat

Full version with sound you can see on my PATREON for +3$ here:


Upcoming animation

2017-01-17 07:50:46 by nikisupostat


Comming soon animation on my patreon here:

I got a Youtube channel!

2016-12-17 08:57:19 by nikisupostat

Yeah.. now i got youtube channel for a trailers and just SFW animations. So i need a 100 subs there for making this shit up (i dont know whats that mean just repeating what cool kids saying).

Animated version for PATREONS only HERE


If you wana be in touch with development of cartoon. Please support me on patreon and you will get every WIP updates i realease. MY PATREON PAGE


Leela and omicronians - futurama adult parodie

2016-07-14 05:27:32 by nikisupostat

Making new Futurama animation. The plot: Turanga Leela captured by omicronians and get raped the them. 

If you want to be in touch with development process, please supprot me on PATREON

For now done several raw animated scenes like that: 5877450_146848845061_6397066573464322691.gif

Leela and Tentacle cartoon is Released for PATREONS only

Here is the link for +3$ patreons post if you dont wana wait 7 days until public release. :3

"Leela and tentacle"


Another animated WIP material for upcoming animatin “Leela and tentacle” 

for PATREONS only


Leela and tentacle WIP

2016-06-20 19:41:15 by nikisupostat

If you want to suport me for making aimation. Go to my PATREON